The Jump Off: 60 Days To A (Hip Hop) Hard Body (Digital Version)


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Mega-Stars don’t have hours a day to waste at a gym.
Learn their secrets to getting red carpet ready in just 60 days, Working out only 3 – 4 Times A Week!

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what some of the biggest superstars in music today have to say about Mark Jenkins’ book.

“I’m in the best physical shape of my life thanks to Mark.” Mary J. Blige (International Superstar, Platinum Selling Grammy Winner)

“Mark’s taught me just how much is possible to achieve and that the quest for higher goals is never over. “ D’Angelo (Platinum Selling Grammy Winner)

“I have hired one of the best trainers, Mark Jenkins, to help me train for the marathon…We have 9 weeks…” Sean Diddy Combs (Successful CEO, and a Platinum Selling Grammy Winner)

These Workouts can be used at home or at a gym!
Learn to maximize your 1 hour training session for optimal effect
Any age can use this book to change their life
What are waiting for? But this book and start your new life today!
This book will give you the techniques to burn fat and build muscle quickly
Learn motivational techniques you can apply instantly to stay the course
Tips to Get UnStuck
Imagine a New You in 60 Days!
Learn to eat for your body type
Sample Meal Plan
Nutrition Overview
Why Symmetry Matters
How To Get ABs Like D’Angelo
How To Legs Like Mary J Blige
Endurance Like Diddy
Total Package Like LL Cool J
And so much more!