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to Drop Trump from Ticket; Crude Trump Interview Uncovered. Bill Flores; Interview with West, Texas, Mayor Tommy Muska • Massive Explosion At Fertilizer Plant In Town Of West, Texas • Giant Explosion In West, Texas Levels Fertilizer Plant, 3 Confirmed Dead; Possible Break In Boston Marathon Bombing Case • Fertilizer Plant in Texas Exploded • Fire, Explosion at Texas Fertilizer Plant; Hospitals Treat Hundreds Injured in Explosion; Red Cross Assists with Victims; 150- Plus Taken to Area Hospitals; Weather Concerns at Texas Blast Site; Volunteer Firefighter's Wife Talks to Piers Morgan. • The Worst is Over for New York, New Jersey; Millions Without Power; NYU Medical Center Evacuated; Con Edison Power Plant Explosion • Superstorm Sandy Causes Devastating Damage Across Much of East Coast; Over 6.5 Million People Without Power; Floods From Storm Set Records in New York and New Jersey • Sandy Slams into Northeast; In the Path of the Story • More Than 1 Million Customers Without Power In New Jersey; Sandy Strikes New Jersey; Sandy Inundates Long Island; Parts Of Delaware Experience Significant Flooding; Sandy Slams Northeast; NYC: 670,000 Residents Without Power • Romney to Announce Running Mate • Sources Say Paul Ryan Will Be GOP VP Nominee • Romney Campaign: Ryan is VP Choice • Romney Campaign: Paul Ryan is VP Choice • Romney Picks Ryan as VP; Romney, Ryan Speak in Norfolk • Mitt Romney Picks Paul Ryan as His Vice Presidential Running Mate • Shooting at Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin • Shooting at Wisconsin Sikh Temple • Shooting at Wisconsin Sikh Temple; Seven Dead, Including Gunman • More Details of the Shooting at a Sikh Templein Wisconsin • Shooting Rampage in Sikh Temple; Understanding the Sikh Community • Shooting Rampage in Sikh Temple in Wisconsin; ; News Information on Suspect, Search of His Property. Zimmerman trial verdict options trading Mmcis Forex Peace Army Scam Return to Transcripts main page. ANDERSON COOPER 360 DEGREES. Note This page is continually updated as new transcripts become available. If you cannot find a. Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on Aired 1-2a ET • Grand Jury Decides Not To Indict Officer Wilson • Ferguson Officer Not Charged In Teen's Death; Protests Across Ferguson • Grand Jury Decides Not to Indict Officer Wilson; Fires and Looting in Ferguson • America's Choice 2014: What's Behind The GOP Sweep; Obama "Eager To Hear Republican Ideas"; Can Congress and The President Make A Deal? in Crisis on Eve of Debate Rematch; Growing Calls within G. Aired 9-10p ET • Explosion in Chelsea Neighborhood in Manhattan; Authorities Confirm Multiple Injuries.

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Mary's County, Maryland Officials Issue Code Red Alert About Possible Dam Break; Storm Surge Remains Big Worry For Many • Hurricane Irene Coverage: Slow-Moving Hurricane Irene Will Drop Heavy Rain; St. Jindal Press Conference • Covering Hurricane Gustav • More Coverage of Hurricane Gustav • Hurricane Coverage of Gustav: Gulf Coast Bracing for a Killer Storm • Hurricane Gustav: Gulf Coast Braces for Cat. John Kerry Concedes Election • Kerry Concedes to Bush • A Divided Nation; Gay Rights Activists Say Many Amendments Banning Same-Sex Marriage Won't Hold Up In Court • President Bush Gives Victory Speech; How Bush Won; Interview With Presidential Historian Robert Dallek • U. Transfers Sovereignty to Iraqi Government • Handover of Sovereignty Comes Two Days Early • Ceremony Formalizing Iraq's Interim Government • Iraqis Officially in Charge of Their Country Now • Coalition Authorities Transfer Power to Iraqi Government Two Days Ahead of Schedule • U. Hands Over Power to Iraqis Early; Detective in Scott Peterson Case Faces More Questions on Investigation; Michael Moore Film Sets Records • Tape of Blair/Bush Briefing; Major Decisions Handed Down From Supreme Court • Iraq in Charge of Its Own Affairs • U. Hands Over Power to Iraqis Early; NATO Agrees to Help Train Iraqis; New Iraqi Government Promises to Crackdown on Insurgents • U. Turns Over Sovereignty of Iraq Two Days Early; Interview With Hoshiyar Zebari • Bremer Signs Over Iraqi Sovereignty • Signing Ceremony Took Place in Green Zone • Interview With Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari • Handover of Iraq Occurs Two Days Early • Hostage Beheaded in Saudi Arabia • Bureau Chief of Al-Arabiya Television Saw Video of Beheading of Kidnapped American Paul Johnson • U. Hostage Beheaded in Saudi Arabia • Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Beheading Paul Johnson • Thomas Hamill Found Alive by U. Troops • Interview With Vera Hamill • Missing American Contractor Found Alive, in Good Health • Interview With Military Psychiatrist Paul Ragan • Interview With Dorothy Baker-Hines • Thomas Hamill Escapes Captors • Pakistani Military may Have Ayman al-Zawahari Cornered • Al-Zawahiri Cornered by Pakistani Soldiers; Fitness Guru Calls Enforces Lifestyle Changes • High Value Target Being Fiercely Defended in Pakistan Believed to be al-Zawahiri • Pakistan Believes Al Qaeda No. Black Hawk Helicopter Crash • Bomb Attack in Mosul • Bloody Day in Iraq • At Least 15 U. Soldiers Killed in Iraq • Rumsfeld Holds Press Conference • Another Bloody Day in Iraq • Chinook Helicopter Brought Down by Missile in Iraq • Attack on Chinook Helicopter Kills at Least 15 in Iraq • Colonel Darley Holds Press Conference • Third Israeli Airstrike in Gaza • Sniper Suspect Gets Right to Represent Himself • Muhammad's Request to Represent Self Granted Unusually Quickly • Sniper Suspect Gives Opening Statement • Interview With Ron Kuby • Explosion Hits U. Convoy in Gaza • Gaza Explosion • Explosion Hits U. Convoy in Gaza • Sources: At Least 3 Dead, 1 Seriously Hurt • U. Source: Roadside Bomb Kills Three Americans in Gaza • U. Diplomatic Convoy Hit by Explosion in Gaza • Explosion Hits Diplomatic Convoy in Northern Gaza • Reuters: U. Embassy Advises All Americans to Leave Gaza • Armed Men Enter Hospital in Saudi Arabia, Taking Hostages • California Recall Election Goes On • Judges Rule California Recall Election to go on October 7 • Air Force Member in Custody Two Weeks Prior to Yee Arrest • Al-Arabiya Airing New Audiotape Purportedly From Saddam Hussein • Armed Man Holds Students Hostage in Tennessee College • Tennessee Police Responding to Hostage Situation • Hostage Situation Under Way College in Western Tennessee • Crude Prankster Calls in During Hostage Situation in Tennessee • NYSE Chairman Grasso Resigns • Powerful Bomb Explodes Along Border of Chechnya • U. Soldier Killed in Baghdad • California Recall Delayed • California Recall Vote Postponed by Federal Appeals Court • Court Cites Punchcard Ballots as Unreliable • California Recall Election Put on Hold by Federal Appeals Court • Davis to Continue Campaign • Talk With Spokesman for Governor Gray Davis • Interview With Rick Hasen • Democrats Get Victory from Delay • Johnny Cash Dies • Country Music Legend Johnny Cash Dies; Actor John Ritter Dead • Actor John Ritter Dead • Johnny Cash Dead • Singer Johnny Cash Has Died • Actor John Ritter Has Died • 71-Year-Old Johnny Cash Has Died • U. Lifts Libya Sanctions • Letterman, Lasko Baby Due in November • British Dossier Findings • Warning From State Department Says Possible Attack Coinciding With Anniversary of September 11 Attacks May Occur • Palestinian Crowds Rally to Support Arafat • Interview With Raanan Gissin • Firefight in Fallujah, Iraq • Israeli Warplanes Strike in Gaza City • Israeli Warplanes Fire on House in Gaza City • New Purported Bin Laden Tape Released • New bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri Tape Surfaces • Audio from New Al Qaeda Tape Filled With Threats • Bin Laden, No. Mideast Bureau Chief • Press Conference With Deputy U. S.; Press Conference on Officer Shootings in Dallas. Compound • Interview With Avi Zohar of Israeli Medican Relief Services • New York City Is Calm In Spite Of Black Out • Cleveland's Water Situation • Cleveland Mayor News Conference • About 15 Million People Still Without Electricity • Times Square Lights Are Out • Power Returns as Questions Begin • Long Island Outage • Power Outages • White House Reaction to Blackout • Interview with Joanne Willmott, New York State Power Authority • Mayor Bloomberg News Conference Later This Morning • Times Square Lights Are Out • Mayor of Ohio Holds Press Conference • Mayor Bloomberg News Conference at A. • Power Blackout in Michigan, Ohio • Interview with Governor George Pataki of New York • Interview with Dexter Ingram, Heritage Foundation • Ohio Officials Hope to Restore Power by Morning • Stuck Trains • Analysis of Security Concerns From Power Outage • Tourists Tell Story of Sleeping on Street in New York City • New York No Rush No Hour • New York No Rush No Hour • Penn Station Power Outage Update • Interview with James Lewis, Technology Expert • Niagara Falls Power Plant not Source of Power Outage • 'Last Hurrah' for British Tourists Visiting NYC • Thousands of People Still Stranded at Penn Station in NYC • Update Report From Power Station on Long Island • Thousands of People Forced to Sleep on Streets of New York City • New Yorkers Trying to Return to Normal Life • Penn Station Power Outage Update • U. S./Canada Power Grid • The Sights, Sounds Of A Darkened City • Interview With Canadian National Defense Spokesman • Jim Lewis Discusses Cities Control Of Energy • Lights Begin To Come On Sporadically In New York City • President Bush To Respond To Black Out • Cities Address Security Issues As Black Out Continues • NYC Mobilizes To Ensure Safety Of Population • Conflicting Reports About What Caused Black Out • Security Concerns Over Powergrid Failure • Lightning Strike An Extremely Unlikely Cause Of Black Out • A Look At New York At Night • Skeptecism About The Veracity of Mayor Bloomberg's Prediction • President Bush Reacts To Black Out • Two Suicide Bombings Strike Israel, West Bank • Suicide Bombings Near Ariel, West Bank • Will Two Attacks Stall Latest Middle East Peace Efforts? on Weapons Charges • Truck Bomb Went Off Outside Jordanian Embassy in Iraq • Another Deadly Attack in Iraq • Jordan Embassy Blast in Baghdad • Kobe Bryant Hearing • Jordanian Embassy Blast in Iraq • House of Deputies Depates Gay Bishop • House Of Deputies Continues Debate On Gay Bishop • House of Deputies Approve Gay Bishop • Episcopal Church Votes On Gay Bishop • House Of Deputies Approves Gay Bishop • Interview with Saddam's Daughters to Air Momentarily • Interview With Saddam's Daughters • Jane Arraf Talks About Interviewing Saddam's Daughters • Military Continues Hunt For Saddam as Daughter's Express Hope he Will Survive • Dozens of Houseboats Burning Near Orlando • AP: Bodies of Hussein's Sons Contain 20 Bullet Wounds • Bodies on Display • Graphic Images Show Saddam's Sons' Bodies • Autopsies of Husseins Leave Heavy Scarring as Bodies Wait to be Claimed • Bush Orders Troops Positioned Off Liberia • Government Releases Photos of Saddam's Sons • Hussein Images Released by Coalition Authority • Most Iraqis Believe Photos of Uday, Qusay Authentic • Photos of Husseins Important Step to Gaining Peace in Iraq • Bodies of Saddam's Sons Broadcast • Mixed Reviews on Whether Photos of Dead Husseins Effective • Arab World Will Remain Skeptical on Photos • Ambush in Iraq, One Soldier Killed, Another Wounded • Another Death in Iraq • Troop Rotation • Two of Dead Could be Saddam's Sons • Uday, Qusay Hussein may be Among Dead in Raid in Iraq • Operation in Northern Iraq May Have Netted High-Ranking Iraqis • U. Scrambling to Confirm if Bodies Taken are Hussein Sons • U. Officials 'Reasonably Optimistic' Saddam's Sons Dead • Bodies Could be Uday, Qusay Hussein • Bodies Removed From Mosul House Said to be in Poor Condition • Background of Uday, Qusay Hussein • Officials: Saddam Not Among Those Killed in Mosul • U. Forces Led to Target by Intelligence • White House Briefing • Firefight in Northern Iraqi Town of Mosul • One of Eiffel Towers Top Floors on Fire • U. Zimmerman trial verdict options trading Canadian How To Reduce Risk In Binary Options FCC Online Public Inspection File. Home Weather 7 Day Forecast Radars Closings & Delays Weather Alerts Pm Comment After Brexit, immigration will be lower – and Britain will have to accept that the immigrants who come are the ones we chose 2005 King Ranch Options StrategiesReturn to Transcripts main page. ANDERSON COOPER 360 DEGREES. Note This page is continually updated as new transcripts become available. If you cannot find a. ; Colorado Turns Red; Midterms Set The Stage For 2016 • America's Choice 2014: GOP Won Its Largest Majority Since WWII; How the Midterms Will Impact the 2016 Presidential Election • Election Night in America; Midterm Election Results; David Perdue to Win Georgia • Election Night in America; Tight Race in New Hampshire; Tom Cotton Wins in Arkansas • Live Election Results; No Call Yet in Alaska; How the Republicans Won • Election Coverage • Election Night in America • Live Coverage of Events in Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey; Heavy Clouds of Tear Gas in Istanbul; Continued Protests Led to Clashes with Police • More Live Coverage ot Taksim Square in Istanbul; Police Have Taken Over Portions of the Square • Police Unleash Tear Gas On Protesters In Istanbul • Turkish Protesters Clash With Police • Turkish Protesters Clash With Police • Continuing Live Coverage: Oklahoma Tornadoes; Missouri Governor Declares State of Emergency; Will Rogers Airport Without Power • Continuing Live Coverage: Five Reported Deaths in Oklahoma; Tornadoes Move to Missouri and Illinois; 190,000 Without Power Across Midwest • Continuing Coverage: Flooding Causes Additional Damage in Aftermath of Tornadoes; • Continuing Live Coverage: OKC Metropolitan Area Not Out of Danger Yet; Five Confirmed Tornado Touchdowns in Oklahoma; Heavy Rains Bring Flooding Concerns to Already Damaged Areas • Live Coverage of the Oklahoma Tornadoes • Live Coverage of the Devastating Tornadoes Affecting Oklahoma • Live Coverage of the Devastation in Oklahoma; Schoolchildren Victim of Massive Tornado; Interview with Stormchasers; Interview with Tornado Survivor; Bill Nye: Tornadoes Like This Will Happen Again • Tornadoes in Oklahoma Tear Through Community; Rescue and Recovery Efforts Ongoing in Oklahoma • Continuing Coverage of Oklahoma Tornado Devastation • Nightmare Tornado in Oklahoma; Search and Rescue in Oklahoma; Oklahoma Tornado Kills Dozens • Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Has Been Captured • End Of The Boston Bombers Manhunt • Second Boston Bombing Suspect Captured; Family Members of Suspects Speak Out • From Fear to Cheer; The Capture; Tsarnaev's Friends; Mystery Motive; A Tense 24 Hours; Boston Bombing Suspect in Custody • FBI Releases Boston Suspect Pictures; Discussing How the Investigation Proceeds; New Image Possibly Shows Suspect Number Two; Reaching Out to West, Texas; Inside the Blast Zone; Boston Heroes: Running to Help • Timeline of Fertlizer Plant Explosion in West, Texas; Latest on Boston Bombing Investigation; Watertown Sees Large Police Presence; Local Reporting from Massachusetts Locations • One Suspect in Boston Marathon Bombing Apprehended; Shooting in MIT Campus; Police Converge on Watertown • Latest on Boston Bombing Investigation; Recap of the Timeline of Area Activity; Police Have Taken a Man into Custody • Boston Manhunt • CNN Correspondent Hears Shots; Police Rush Into Watertown Neighborhood • Bombing Suspect Under Siege by Police • Night of Mayhem in Boston Area; Police Going Door to Door Looking For Suspect #2; Massive Manhunt Underway; President Obama Briefed by Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Adviser • Night of Mayhem in Boston Area • Manhunt For Teen Bomb Suspect • Huge Explosion At Texas Fertilizer Plant; Latest on Boston Bombing; interview with Rep. Deaths In Superstorm Sandy; 200 Patients From NYU To Be Transferred; Three New York Area Airports Closed; Part Of A. Boardwalk Wiped Out; Three Dead As Sandy Ravages New Jersey; Damaged Crane Dangling Over NYC • Superstorm Sandy Brought Hurricane and Tropical Storm Force Winds, Record Storm Surges, Flooding, Blizzard Conditions, Massive Snow Fall and Fires in 23 states across East Coast; Superstorm Sandy Caused more than 6.5 million power outages.