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I made some significant enhancements to the indicator which I call "P4L Clock.mq4" : * Different highlight color(s) used for Market Open hours (Assuming 8AM - 5PM local market hours) * Added seconds display, and used method such that single digits look better (":09" not ":9") * Added "Broker_Time_Is_Gold_Standard" to adjust (by a few seconds or minutes) the market hours, because as if often the case, the local computer clock may be off by a small amount. The above program I have called "P4L Candle Time.mq4". I also decided to modify another time related program, Clock_v1_3.mq4, aka Clock.mq4, that had some similar display issues. The Most Useful Programs For Forex To Download Forexac Forex Collection - Trading Strategies Mega Package. Forex Collection - Trading Mega Package. Very large archive Forex software package. EA robots 2000+, indicators. The by-the-bar text displays single-digit seconds just fine. That tool displays an array of market names and hours in one corner of your chart.

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* When Display_Bar_With_Seconds=2 (Auto mode), seconds display when ", or better... Installation: // Copy this file to: C:/Program Files/--your-MT4-directory-here---/experts/indicators/ // Review the "extern" variable settings below. I cleaned up the code and added some user variables to control color, and/or display of the time by the bar, and/or display of a comment. The Most Useful Programs For Forex Cómo Ganar En Acciones En La Central En Panamá Learn To Trade With Day Trading Forex Live's Advanced Forex Trading Course, Live Day Trading Room & Trader Training Forum. Learn To Day Trade Like A Pro! Top Binary Options Brokers. During our 3 year experience as avid traders, we've traded at literally dozens of brokers. Here we. Currenex Brokers Forex (FYI, when markets are slow a lot of M1 and even M5 (and higher) bars never form at all, so the "WAIT4BAR" condition can persist for quite a long while).