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The NSX targeted companies active in Namibia to secondary list in this fashion so our market could invest in them. By total market cap, the NSX is the second-largest securities market in Africa. Stock Market News In Namibia Chile Stock Market News THE Namibian Stock Exchange NSX plans to demutualise and intends to self-list. The Namibian Stock Exchange NSX is the only stock exchange in Namibia. Based in Windhoek, it is one of the largest stock exchanges on the African continent. As soon as our central securities depository is licensed and live, we intend to dematerialise all Namibian securities, after which derivatives are planned for the market. In the Namibian regulatory space, some local status is given to these dual-listed issuers.

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Due to overweight local demand, we need to bring more local companies to market so the international investors already interested in our market can make substantial investments. It’s important to note that decisions regarding our market by way of rules, listing requirements, trading practices and broker surveillance are all done by the NSX – the JSE is only our equity trading system provider. Stock Market News In Namibia Open Currency Exchange Rates In Tajikistan Nirmal is an online stocks and shares market trading company in India. Here you can buy shares online and trading on the equity share capital. Stocks listed on the local stock exchange. The NSX has consistently taken the position that dual-listed shares benefit Namibian investors by providing greater. Stock Option Trading InformationTHE Namibian Stock Exchange NSX plans to demutualise and intends to self-list. The NSX has been very successful in diversifying the market by bringing secondary listings into the Namibian pension and insurance funds investable market.