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BME Group is currently implementing the Reform of the Clearing, Settlement and Registry System in Spain, which introduces three fundamental changes: Iberclear is the Spanish Central Securities Depository (CSD). Zoido Martínez (Chairman) Ramón Adarraga Morales Jaime Aguilar Fernández-Hontoria Javier Hernani Burzaco (CEO) José Massa Gutiérrez del Álamo Francisco Nicolás Tahoces Jorge Yzaguirre Scharfhausen Pablo Malumbres Muguerza Bolsa de Barcelona BME’s activity is very diversified and is organized into seven business units: Listing, Equities, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Clearing, Settlement, Market Data, Consulting and IT. Spanish Stock Market Futures convert float to binary online trading Market Futures Oct 6, 2010. Evidence from the Spanish stock market. the introduction of derivatives futures and options in the Spanish market on the volatility and on the. In 2011, Law 32/2011 was enacted amending the Spanish Securities Market Law, and introduced measures to reform the Spanish securities clearing, settlement and registry system; and Iberclear Regulation, as amended, was formally approved. Both initiatives have been designed to harmonize the regulatory regime for the Spanish post-trade processing system within the European framework.

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Iberclear’s main functions are the following: At present, the Spanish system of securities registration, clearing and settlement is undergoing a process of reform, whose main pillars are the elimination of the principle of assured delivery, this being replaced by the introduction of central counterparties (CCPs), and the implementation of a net settlement model. At present, the Mi FID and other relevant pieces of legislation for the European securities market are under review. Spanish Stock Market Futures How Does Stock Exchange Work In Slovenia The IBEX 35 is the benchmark stock market index of the Bolsa de Madrid. Trading on options and futures contracts on the IBEX 35 is provided by MEFF. Oct 24, 2016. See market data and sentiment and spot trading opportunities for our Spain 35 stock index which is settled on the price of the IBEX 35. UK Hukum forex online Market Futures Carlos Fernández González Álvaro Cuervo García Juan March Juan Joan Hortalà i Arau Karel Lannoo Ramiro Mato García-Ansorena Manuel Olivencia Ruiz Santos Martinez-Conde y Gutierrez-Barquin Maria Helena dos Santos Fernandes de Santana Management Committee Antonio J. BME Group was formed in 2002 as the result of the integration of different financial markets and individual market infrastructures: Bolsa de Madrid, Bolsa de Barcelona, Bolsa de Bilbao, Bolsa de Valencia, Iberclear, AIAF, MEFF and SENAF. Its shares are traded in the Spanish continuous market.