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Vector Vest makes it easy to make better decisions. Explore deeply, or just learn how it could help you trade smarter in as little as 10 minutes a day. , which is a fantastic resource if you ever want to get some reviews on financial related products before purchasing. Anyways, the number one software according to this site is called Townsend Real Tick. Software Used In Stock Market Rsk Forex Bank Software/Free We are the MetaStock experts in Australia. Whether you are an experienced trader or just starting out, MetaStock trading software & market data package for you. It provides a comprehensive research station that can perform fundamental and technical analysis on investible securities. To stay in control as the markets move up and down, with at-a-glance guidance on what and when to buy, sell and hold.

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Here is one review, “I started using Realtick in 1997 and I don’t know if it’s just because that is what I started with and what I am comfortable with but whenever I try another platform, I consistently wonder why it isn’t set up like Realtick. Plus, the charts are tons better than sterling or lightspeed (whose charts are terrible). This equity research tool brings institutional-grade analytics to the everyday user. Software Used In Stock Market Past Forex Ceny Polska Stocks Charting Software. Everything that has to do with the stock market located in one easy-to-find location;. All data/software services are recurring. JStock - Free Stock Market Software JStock - Free Stock Market Software had moved to GitHub https// Free To Join Home BusinessSoftware/Free Spend five weeks discovering Vector Vest's unique simplicity, automation and independent guidance at your own pace.