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Where we rest now (1114 @ time of post) XAU/U opened Higher this week after a strong move up last Friday gaining back against the USD after the Fed's Discount Rate change info, sent it almost vertically down from 1124 to strong support at the 1098 area (1100 psych support). I will try to keep this section for longer term chart patterns, as well as some quick day trade ones when possible. Here are some places to read about Gold & Silver, find spot charts, etc. I have noticed that FX metals will move slightly differently at times to the actual futures / spot price. Although 1110 is the bottom of the current channel and we just had a nice pop. Open High Low Close Forex Cargo Futures Trading Strategies Pdf To Excel Buying stock with options ohlc data forex Trading Systems Forum; how central. there was an order after 'Lower Open' appeared @ which also break. Horizon Cargo. High Probability Trend Following the Forex Market Author Dificulty Beginners Summary. I have noticed a falling wedge pattern appearing on Higher TF charts followed by a spike. So to start, early today we hit a monthly high on XAU/USD of just about 1131 then retreated back down to the 1110/6 range area. =================================================================================================== requirements to trade options etrade _________Some Winning Trades / Setups / Patterns / ETC.____________Obviously I can't post every winning trade. Also an earlier volatile move down on News from Fed, just to show how volatile XAU can be.

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I suggest demo trading first, before live, if you are not familiar with the way metals move or what drives them besides the inverse relationship to fiat currencies especially the USD. So we went from the 1000s almost to 2000 then back down. NOW that they changed a bunch of stuff I can't get the actual charts up here anymore! So despite all my attempts here are live chart LINKS. forex trading knihy trading options at expiration jeff augen download how much money do i need for options trading binary options up or down HERE IS HOW TO BREAK DOWN THE PIP VALUE OF GOLD MOVEMENTS USING 10 USD Swings and a "SPOT" FX broker forex management notes for cs final ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Furthermore - if you have a PERSONAL gripe or argument with someone take it elsewhere or PUT THEM ON IGNORE. Last Fridays move offered opportunities for both scalpers and intra-day trend traders My chart here has top S/R levels outlined as well as lines added to show the buying patterns. though I will treat these as scalps as there may be some more down before the next breakout north. Open High Low Close Forex Cargo Forex Club Responses Of Those Who Worked There Stock exchange vs forex Anything you to do professionally must be treated as a business. stock exchange vs forex. It be a price that was open, close, low, high. Live Forex and economic news. Technical. The "old" year low eyed below The EURUSD - like the market i n general - is trading in a narrow range today. As the. This is a 10 year high for the index. Needless to say. US stock market open 6 December 2016 US 10 year yields 2.38% -2bp. Touch / Click anywhere to close. Home Cake Business TaxBuying stock with options ohlc data forex Trading Systems Forum; how central. there was an order after 'Lower Open' appeared @ which also break. Also live charts Please keep in mind it is best to use your FX broker to see what their spot quote is if you are watching a trade. I am a bit skeptical about this area holding if it is pressured strongly.