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Albania is a country with an unfathomably long history, almost 5,000 years, with influence from Greeks, Illyrians, Romans, Venetians, Byzantines, and Ottomans. Without further ado, here are 75 reasons why you should book a trip to Albania as soon as possible! But Albania is leaps and bounds cheaper than its neighbors, especially when it comes to transit and food costs. Sorry, Croatia, Italy, Greece, and Montenegro, I know you’ll disagree, but Albania has got the best beaches in all of Europe. There are also tons of hidden beaches that you can have basically to yourself with a little creativity (or a little guts! The best nights (and the worst mornings) usually are courtesy of rakia. Besa, which is loosely translated as “faith” or “trust”, is extremely important to Albanians. Albania is just as safe as pretty much anywhere else in Europe. As a women who travels alone, I’m often subjected to street harassment, which makes me feel uncomfortable, unsafe, and irritated. Make Money Online Në Shqipëri Youtube Fineco Forex Help Center Get the scoop on how monetization works on YouTube and ways you can make money on your videos. Albanian Mafia and the Stoner arms dealer. The embassy had been trying to find the money to pay for demolishing the ammunition. Ç’ndodhi në Shqipëri. That means that even if you’re traveling solo through Albania, you’ll never really be alone..” Which is true – I never once felt unsafe or unwelcome in my three weeks in Albania. It was such a breath of fresh air to be around such polite, respectful men. After a flurry of hand gestures did nothing, I once had an old lady in a robe and house shoes pull me by the sweater tied around my waist, leading me up on a ledge, in order to show me how to get to the Berat Castle via the back way. Most are have little infrastructure such as informational plaques or warning signs, so you get to feel a bit like Indiana Jones as you explore castles totally on your own. And I get it, I really do – I definitely cringe whenever I see the telltale shorts-and-fanny-pack of a clueless American tourist speaking loudly and slowly at someone who speaks perfect English like they’re an idiot. But things are way, way different now, and while the country still has far to come to catch up with its neighbors in Europe, it’s making great strides towards lasting progress.

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Bush in Tirana (cool your jets, guys, even we don’t like him! The town of Fushe Kruje which he visited even has a statue of him! A six hour bus ride will set you back only $7 USD; a gyro, $1 USD; a 3-course meal with an espresso, $8 USD. The stony beaches make the water a gorgeous, crystal-clear turquoise that feels like your real life has been Photoshopped. For centuries, Albanians have abided by the code of “besa” which basically means it’s their duty to look after people who need it. I’m always on my guard for scams, having been ripped off and nearly pickpocketed within 12 hours in Hanoi. Meanwhile, in Albania, a man who changed money for a friend ran down the street to the bus station to find us, panicked that he hadn’t given us the right change (but he had). You’re less at risk for petty crime in Albania than you are in, say, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, or Paris, and violent crime is extremely rare. In my entire time in Albania, not one man bothered me on the streets, even when I walked home alone late at night in Tirana. Which is to say they’re either extremely detailed if they speak English, or oftentimes they’ll just walk with you to your destination because they’re afraid of you getting lost. There are countless fortresses and castles that you can explore. Okay, so this is maybe only exciting for me and my fellow countrymen, but we’re a bit of an unpopular lot in some parts of Europe. Make Money Online Në Shqipëri Youtube Binary Options Trading Lessons Education Earn Up to $25 dollars per hour watching Better Than YouTube videos and surveys from any smart phone or PC 24/7. Registration is free Make money online. Dutch Albanian Business Platform. 1,179 likes · 1 talking about this. Welcome to the Dutch Albanian Business Platform. Please consider to join also our. Goforex Login To FacebookGet the scoop on how monetization works on YouTube and ways you can make money on your videos. Seeing as I’ve unofficially become an ambassador for this country, telling everyone who’ll listen about this beautiful place, I figured I’d put it in writing and save myself the trouble. Traveling anywhere in Balkans, with the exception of Croatia, is inexpensive compared to Western Europe. Unlike their more famous Northern and Southern neighbors, you’ll have plenty of space to yourself when you go to the beach in Albania. Rakia is basically moonshine, distilled typically from grapes or plums, popular all throughout the Balkans, but especially loved in Albania.