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Equities: Total number of trades concluded: 1 Total volume of trades (securities): 279,300 Total value of trades (GEL): 4,748.10 Bonds: Total number of trades concluded: Total volume of trades (securities): 0 Total value of trades (USD): 0.00 The following listed securities (List A and List B) were traded: From May 11, traiding of JSC Lopota (I/C 231165422, Code LOFO), JSC Bechdviti Sitkvis Kombinati (I/C 202886172, Code BSK), JSC Investment Company "Lider Investi" (I/C 203839294, Code LINV), stocks are removed on trading system Georgian Stock Exchange trading system and the listing access provision 5.12.6, JSC Dila (I/C 217878599, Code DILA), JSC Gudauri (I/C 203852713, Code GRG), JSC Kutaisi Intourist (I/C 212670411, Code KINT) stocks are removed on trading system, listing access provision 5.12.5, JSC Hotel "Kartli" (I/C 200030135, Code KART) stocks are removed on trading system listing access provision 5.12.1 © Georgian Stock Exchange, 2000-2016 Reproduction and/or distribution of the information published on the Georgian Stock Exchange's website, in whole or in part, in any manner, is allowed only upon receiving prior written authorization from the Georgian Stock Exchange. Last #224(2344) session on GSE was held on Friday, November 25, 2016. Georgia Stock Exchange Live Index Statistik Hvor At Tjene Penge Online I Belgien Find Companies in Georgia and other regions and countries for. instant access to portfolios, stock ratings, real-time. Search. Filters Exchange NASDAQ NYSE AMEX 1,delay Player Event:"load",yvp Config:yvp Config,channels Config:channels Config,_player Exists:function(ref),_destroy Player:function(ref),_get Video Player Instance:function(ref),_get Video Player Pos:function(ref),_get Current Player:function(),_set Mute:function(is On),_set Current Item:function(pos),_swap Players:function(pos,muted,exp),_play Next:function(),_play Prev:function(),_play At Pos:function(pos),_play:function(),_pause:function(),/* * checks if the video at given pos is valid, if not it tries to give back the next valid video position * returns false if no valid video found */ _find Valid Video:function(pos,reverse),_is Valid Video:function(pos,player),handle Sound Click:function(),handle Play Click:function(),handle Prev Click:function(),handle Next Click:function(),handle Channel Click:function(channel,action),handle Expand Click:function(),handle Lazy Instance Click:function(muted),on Mute Change:function(evt),on Pause Change:function(),on Resume Change:function(),on Playlist Position Change:function(pos),on Playlist Position Change Swap:function(pos),on Before Unload:function(evt),on Player Ready:function(),on Playback Start:function(),on Player Destroyed:function(),get Thumb:function(current Item),get Comp Player Inst:function(ref,player Styles,yvp Config,hover Overlay,on Playlist Position Change),get Comp Player2:function(yvp Config,hover Overlay),get Comp Player:function(yvp Config,hover Overlay,single Player),component Will Unmount:function(),component Will Mount:function(),component Did Mount:function(),format YVPConfig:function(),attach Sidekick TVListeners:function(yui Instance),save To Storage:function(key,value,session),get From Storge:function(key),render:function(){var header,hover Overlay,player,player Ads,yvp Config P1,thumb Img,self=this,current Item=self.state.current Item,current Image=Thumb(current Item);current Image||(current Image=Thumb(self.state.playlist[0])),self.format YVPConfig(),header=self.props.headless? 4 brokerage companies participated in trading session.

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