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Some more unscrupulous or even mainstream sites may use sensational headlines to attract readers and -- as a result -- lead to unwise investment decisions by smaller, less-savvy investors, says Andy Nyquist, an active investor based in Minneapolis, Minn. The site does not try to break news, but instead offers opinions on news and attempts to make predictions about stock performance. Free Stock Market Picks Best Stop Loss Forex Com/Stock Picks Free/Fast Free stock picks, investment strategies and live commentary announced in the best Live Blog in the indudtry. (Among their regular features just posted this week: "Wall St. But critics warn the ruling -- and these sites -- may not be such a boon to investors.

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"You don't know whether a writer or blogger is a multi-million dollar hedge fund manager or some guy living in his mom's basement," he says. The free site also has a staff that writes original analysis and features. Free Stock Market Picks Us Dollars Forex Trading Stock Picks Day Trading Diary, Swing to Intermediate-term Stock Picks & Technical Market Analysis with Harry Boxer República Dominicana Euro Tasa De HoyCom/Stock Picks Free/Fast The site employs 17 full-time writers and 80-plus contributors.