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incorporated within Canada, with the ISIN CA74364A1021, WKN A1H8U0, and trading symbol of PT9 was an admitted FSE Listings on April 26 2011. The Frankfurt Exchange has virtually all of the turnover in Germany and a substantial share of the turnover in all of Europe. Frankfurt Stock Exchange Fees Binary Options Broker Job Description Journey Located in Frankfurt, Germany, the FRA is one of the largest and most efficient trading facilities in the world. The FRA is one of the oldest exchanges in the world. Or contact info@An FSE Listing is ideal for companies that need money to grow their business and require an acceptable company structure for investors to place their capital into. – We can list firms in 3-6 weeks – We can introduce financing mechanisms from $1 million to $100 million or more – We can take firms on Roadshows in Europe to raise capital and awareness – We can run Public Relations with our consortium of partners – We can list bonds and collateralize shares for debt with capital partners – We can supply equity lines of credit with our equity capital partners Deutsche Capital Partners ( – We can structure the firm so that you will not be immediately delisted like many of our competitors clients who take shares in your firm in their go public process or merger bridge-loan process that drives the stock prices down and gets your firm delisted – We can introduce equity partners – We can structure the firm to raise 5 million euro from 150 investors without the requirement of a prospectus – We can supply the Auditor documentation and expertise to list – We can supply the legal team, and corporate advisors for corporate secretary work, resolutions, documentation, and share registrar management – We can supply the top transfer agent in the UK – We can introduce Broker Dealers for trading Frankfurt Listed Shares All of this we can do and more, at us now before the fees increase with the exchange and market makers! Please include: FSE Listings: Helps Companies Go Public Fast with Frankfurt Listings and Financing with FSE Listings Protech Technology Inc.

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One needs to be careful with buying or listings Canadian listed shell companies that they also abide by the rules and regulations of the securities commission and boards within the Province of which they were incorporated. If you are looking for a Frankfurt Shell for Sale, you may want to look at if you are looking to get one made, you may want to look at fill in the form at the bottom. Frankfurt Stock Exchange Fees What Is Stock Exchange In Nepal Nov 7, 2016. The listing at the renowned Frankfurt Stock exchange enables direct access to. Additionally, it will pay a 5% license fee on all revenue to the. Aug 16, 2015. Advantages of Listing at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. low costs no brokerage fee, high speed with fastest execution times, broad selection. How Independently To Earn On Forex In IndiaLocated in Frankfurt, Germany, the FRA is one of the largest and most efficient trading facilities in the world. The FRA is one of the oldest exchanges in the world. Its owner is Deutsche Borse, which owns the other German exchanges as well.