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Many hedge fund managers are short Caterpillar because they figured that the quarter was terrible. The big institutions have been shying away or betting against this company for months and months. And if you are a hedge fund who sees this action and don't have enough cyclicals what's one of the most cyclical companies out there? So, institutions reach for it at the same time as the shorts try to cover. Because of oil weakness, the company said in the evening note "We expect that our first quarter results will be well below our prior expectations entirely driven by our business with exposure to US oil & Gas markets." It noted that while oil has come back up, it was "cautious" when it comes to any recovery. It went above where it preannounced a crummy quarter. Forex News Alert Indicator On Caterpillar Bombay Stock Exchange Symbol List Pastor Lindsey Williams shares the latest news articles and information from around the world on September 1, 2016. Orange November 6, 2016. Orange is a free html5 bootstrap template for professionals and freelancers alike who are looking for a website template that will adapt for. But when the market opened, the stock of Caterpillar was down less than $1. In reality, though, here's what's been happening behind the scenes. No, that takes something else, something having to do with the business of money management. When the economy is weak the hedge fund textbook, so to speak, says short Caterpillar.

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And they are the reason why we are rallying, even as it may make no sense to so many people who do not understand rotations, short squeezes and under-ownership. This morning, Caterpillar (CAT) dramatically slashed its guidance for the first quarter. It was such a powerful slap in the face that the entire S&P 500 futures market reversed from what looked to be a luck-of-the-Irish day to something resembling the potato famine. Forex News Alert Indicator On Caterpillar Stock Broker Philadelphia Mar 17, 2016. Here is how a stock like Caterpillar can jump on terrible guidance. The news immediately sent the stock, which had been red hot, down $2 in. They had been killing CAT's business both when it comes to translating weak currency. Action Alerts PLUS, which Cramer co-manages as a charitable trust. Nov 23, 2016. Home / Market News / Caterpillar's stock leads Dow gainers after peer. Caterpillar's stock was the biggest price and percentage gainer among the. How The OPEC Deal Impacts The FX Arena. Patterns · Technical Analysis Introduction · Technical Indicators. Free Email Alerts · Contact Us. News Forex Exchange Rates In MadagascarPastor Lindsey Williams shares the latest news articles and information from around the world on September 1, 2016. But when you get the worst news possible, a gigantic number cut, and it doesn't go down, you have to ask yourself, if you are a short seller, what's going to drive this sucker down if not this terrible news? On Monday after the close gigantic industrial Dover (DOV) preannounced some hideous numbers.