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Let's examine the situation using the weekly chart. By: Austin_Galt The USDJPY currency pair has traded exactly as laid out in previous client analysis and a correction now appears underway. When USDJPY hit the 125.86 high earlier this month, it was its highest level since June 2002. Strong economic performance data released over the past week did not quite convince investors that it is safe to hold the green buck over the next few sessions. By: Submissions easy Markets writes: When the Bank of Japan released its last monetary policy statement, many analysts expected that they would follow suit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the rest of the Japanese government by releasing a large stimulus plan. Euro Jpy Forexpros Warsaw Stock Exchange Ir Esta herramienta permite escoger entre más de 100 pares en tiempo real que ofrecen precios de mercado operables en todo momento. Los datos los. View this chart to track the EUR JPY cross's current activity. Inflation will pop, lessening the burden of government and consumer debts, and — other things being equal — growth will be faster. By: Dan_Norcini The big Pow-Pow taking place in Japan with the G7 ( Group of Seven) finance ministers yielded what most of us already expected – no agreement whatsoever. Only then we can start looking immediately higher again. By: Austin_Galt Previously, I thought the high for the USDJPY was in place and a correction was now underway. Price is now at a critical juncture and the potential exists for one last marginal false break high.

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He noted that “one-sided, speculative trades” have been behind some of the move higher in the Yen. So for now, trend is still down, but key for bulls will be a bullish reversal in five waves on lower time frames. "Asia's biggest action star" Donnie Yen was just cast in the next installment of the never-ending Star Wars movie franchise. Yen, in case you aren't aware, is known as "the strongest man in the entire universe." (Huffington Post) Read full article... Henceforth its exports will be cheaper around the world, enabling its major companies to sell more stuff, make more money and hire more people. Euro Jpy Forexpros Pengalaman Profit Forex Review Market Euro/Japanese yen EUR/JPY. * Japanese Real time Forex charts - EUR/JPY. FX Charts Powered by - The Forex Trading Portal. Forex – EUR/JPY up during Asian trade Forex Pros – The Euro was higher against the Japanese Yen on Wednesday. April 20, 2011. Advantages Of Foreign Currency TradingEsta herramienta permite escoger entre más de 100 pares en tiempo real que ofrecen precios de mercado operables en todo momento. Los datos los. By: Submissions Adam Teen writes: The US dollar enters a crucial week against its rivals, including the Japanese Yen, as the volatile sessions are expected because the USA is officially going into polls on Tuesday 8th.