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Within the agribusiness sector, Animal Genetics (Bovine Semen), Food Ingredients (Natural Origin), and Planting Seeds are key areas that demonstrate high potential. Australia sent its first ambassador to Buenos Aires in 1964, and we currently maintain resident embassies in each other's capitals. Currency Trade In Argentina Answer Surveys For Money Uk Throughout the 1990s, Argentina had a fixed currency peg known simply as 11 whereby one peso equalled one dollar. Exchange Rate Buenos Aires. Use the currency converter below to calculate the current exchange rate for the city of Buenos. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina. We are both large Southern Hemisphere nations with relatively small populations and strong resource bases. This year’s top market sectors are: Agricultural Machinery and Parts, Electronic Security Equipment, Food Processing Equipment, Healthcare, Information and Communications Technology, Medical Technology, Shale Gas and Shale Oil Development Technologies, Travel and Tourism Services. Embassy Commercial Service in Argentina provides a wide range of services to help U. companies enter and expand operations in the country.

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The name Argentina derives from the Latin word for silver. Argentina’s population is approximately 42 million (2014), composed mostly of the descendants of European immigrants. Australia and Argentina have a mutually beneficial relationship based on many shared interests. Currency Trade In Argentina Track N Trade Live Forex Exchange Dec 17, 2015. The value of Argentina's peso against major currencies is displayed. Within minutes of trading, the peso weakened to 13.9 per dollar from 9.8. Recent government reforms placed limits on how locals & visitors trade foreign currency in Argentina. You can get the best bang for your buck by bringing US. Cftc Approved Binary Options Brokers Uk LawThroughout the 1990s, Argentina had a fixed currency peg known simply as 11 whereby one peso equalled one dollar. Australia and Argentina agreed in principle to exchange diplomatic missions in December 1959, with Argentina opening its first post in Sydney in 1962 (moving to Canberra in 1963).