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First of all, the calls are longer than on the previous three, which gives me a lot more time to put a tap on his phone and find out exactly where he's calling from. Who are the ass-backwards fuckwads who chose that man to represent their community? Having said that, the actual MUSIC is solid death metal, with some speedy black metal bits and slower sludge trudge moments. I know you've talked to two of my employees tonight; what seems to be the problem? One thing though - you have to learn to like to laugh. Because then what happens if his funniness makes you laugh? But his pranks aren't of the Jerky Boy sort where he comes up with a wacky character and creates a hilarious skit of Saturday Night Live proportions. Cash Money Uk Recordstore Mercado De Divisas Forex Euromercados Etc Musik, Schallplatten, Vinyl, CDs und MP3 Downloads einfach online kaufen. Wir bieten Drum & Bass, Jungle, Dubstep, House, Techno und vieles mehr. Mar 8, 2016. The organisers say "the smart money's on this beauty becoming one of. are being filled up with novelty records being produced just to cash in. Boy, the first time I heard this tape, all the foul language upset me so much I spent $8,000 to cover the tape player with a big sheet. DID THEY PLAY SOME ROLE IN 9/11 THAT I DIDN'T HEAR ABOUT???? The senator who came up with the idea of "Freedom Fries" absolutely deserves to have the living shit kicked out of him. But this one is just this low sludgy reverbed "Rrrack! " that could very well be a human being pretending to be a parrot. " "I'm not sure that we're talking the same language." As for LPC and his LPC ways, he's still (obviously) having great success with his false UPS deliveries, although respondents seem less disturbed by his physical threats this time around; maybe they just find it as amusing as I do that his normal-man's voice suddenly adopts a thick Southern accent whenever he says halfway through a call, "I'm o' WHIP yo ayyysss! " Check out how (in the track "Fennel Cartwright") he interrupts EVERY SINGLE WORD the guy says. Since I've been called a hilaritian, here's another new joke for you, direct from me: Q. (*uncomfortable coughs; the sickening noise of a man banging his head against the wooden seat in front of him*) Q. What's the difference between Paul Mc Cartney and Billy Joel? Paul Mc Cartney had RINGO as a DRUMMER -- When you hear Billy Joel SING, O it's a BUMMER!!! Alright then, what's the difference between a piece of poop and Billy Joel? Secondly, there are fewer music interruptions than on the last tape, giving children less of an opportunity to be lured over to the Devil's side. Castle doesn't waste your time and mine running his recorded calls through looping machines and echo units, instead presenting them in a safe, normal way that shows respect to all human beings. I thank God for this tape and for you readers, who recognize and commit yourselves to the proposition that we were so created, and that to live with respect to the Creator promises us the greatest potential as a nation and as individuals. Either we gotta take `em ALL on, or we gotta face the fact that you can't help everybody. And "God Of Empty Nest" is a pretty funny song title too. We've got a flag on your account that shows you're a problem customer. If you don't love lots of laughs, then Longmont Lotion Lastle is the "last le" you'll want to listen to.

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So do yourself a Favor Fav and enjoy some LPC right now! Why on Earth do these morons not just hang up on him? How is it possible that THIS many people don't realize that they're being pranked when a UPS guy says he has "the Siamese peacock bowel you ordered"? Sure, he's got a convincingly emotionless delivery, but come on - what kind of jackoff STAYS ON THE PHONE when a caller, in the course of one minute, requests "Eel Jerky," "Wasp Jerky," "Eel Bowel" and "Antelope Wad"? The real reason is to hear how astonishingly ANGRY these people get! And it's also important that we show our support to the troops by aggressively blinding ourselves to the fact that our current administration doesn't give a shit how many of them are killed as long as we see economic gain at the end of all this. ) and is using it to torment and terrorize the humorless, braindead citizens of his Colorado city or wherever he lives. As I said, a good 17 of these calls will have your stitches rolling down the aisle all the way to the bank due almost entirely to the naivete of LPC's fellow residents. But the more I listen to it, the more I think I like it! The world's stupid enough without our lying, one-sided leaders making it even stupider with declarations like that. Not that I'm insinuating that that's what they're doing, but there's something weird going on here and I demand to know what it is. " He's also still making calls with his voice through an effects processor, using names like "Spencer Zebra," "Fennel Cartwright" and "Frickey Weaver," and making up such sickening food products as "Aqualamb," "Chowder Julius" and "Wovenloaf." Why fix something if it isn't broken? Check out how he tells a pill salesman that his date of birth is "2/8/92/42/84/22" and his middle initial is "VBX." Check out how he portrays MULTIPLE UPS employees for the sole purpose of driving ignorant people to distraction ("I'm a supervisor down here at United Parcel. What's the difference between Fay Wray and Billy Joel? Okay, then what's the difference between a chestnut tree and Billy Joel? Cash Money Uk Recordstore Binary Trading Hack Revie Dance Record Store was established in 1999 and is now proving to be one of the. Cash Money & M. Play It. online dj music store - old skool uk garage. Record Store Day is an annual event inaugurated in 2007 and held on one Saturday every April to "celebrate the culture of the independently owned record store". The. Latvija Stock Exchange HolidaysMusik, Schallplatten, Vinyl, CDs und MP3 Downloads einfach online kaufen. Wir bieten Drum & Bass, Jungle, Dubstep, House, Techno und vieles mehr. ongmont Potion Castle is the most likely meaningless pseudonym of a nice young Colorado man who enjoys making prank phone calls.