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2 [3] [6] [5] [2] b) State the approximation to be made while working out quantity of reinforcement in a circular slab. Marks : 100 Instructions to the candidates : 1) Answer any three questions from each Section. [5] b) What is maturity concept related to concrete. Explain rate of carbonation and factors affecting it. Cement Grade = 53 Specific gravity of cement = 3.15 and that of both aggregates = 2.7, Compaction factor = 0.9. Quotefx shows you real-time supplier progress allowing you to monitor performance and identify uncovered items before time becomes critical. Binary Option System 3 Epoxy Z9 Forex Broker That Offer 400% Deposit Bonus Unclassified SCCuuITY CLASIPMICATIO REPORT OF DOCUMENTATION TIus PaGE evo -*. EImose__ePAGE BEFORE CtTEW, FORM 1. M9E1ONT NUM11EN ii4CRIO * O 31 11ECIPIENT'S. [6] Q9) a) Describe the behaviour of polymeric FRC under compression and tension. b) Explain importance of proper drainage on flexible pavements. [8] OR Q9) a) b) Discuss Indian Arbitration Act in detail. Determine the resultant reaction at each bearing due to the mass and the gyroscopic effect. [4] With the help of a neat sketch, explain in brief the working of static and Dynamic balancing machines. Q4) a) b) c) Q5) a) b) c) Q6) a) b) c) beyond A and B. [6] State the rules for deductions to be made from brick masonary in superstructure. [2] Q3) a) Explain in detail the elemental bill method of approximate estimate for an irrigation project. 2) Answers to the two sections should be written in separate books. [5] c) Explain relationship between aggregate and cement bond strength. [5] c) Explain how to obtain vacuum concrete and mass concrete. Quality control = good, type of exposure = mild, Water absorption for both aggregate = 1%, free moisture content = 2%.

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Marks : 100 Instructions to the candidates: 1) Answer any three questions from each section. 5) Use of logarithmic tables, slide rule, Mollier charts, electronic pocket calculator and steam tables is allowed. SECTION - I Q1) a) b) Q2) a) b) Define the term automatic control system. [8] Explain the following terms related to thermocouple [8] i) Seebeck effect. [10] OR a) b) Mention the requirements of negative for Flexo Plate. Q3) Explain in detail processing of 2.84 mm Flexo Plate. [8] b) State the different methods of valuation of building and explain the one which can be used for valuation of a cenema hall. Consider rate of interest for redumption of sinking fund as 6%. [5] b) Explain any two mechanical properties improved by addition of fibres in concrete. As an Executive Engineer for a prestigeous Spine Road Project, discuss the Principles of Management viz. What are the duties and responsibilities of a material manager? [9] Q8) a) b) Discuss various clauses described in Works Contract Act. 2) Answers to the two sections should be written in separate books. The disc is spinning about the axis of the shaft at 620 rpm anticlockwise, when viewed from the right-hand side bearing. "We needed to have a tool that would consolidate all common items across several different assemblies for possible volume pricing. Binary Option System 3 Epoxy Z9 Confidential Methods To Earn Money Without Investment In Guam Mar 13, 2016. Trade Binary Options Successfully and easily With 90% ITM With BinaryXray @ == binary options,about options trading,any option,b. Another Method to make $600 an hour With Binary Options Trading. Binary options strategy 1 min 90%-95% ITM - Binary Signals. FOC 3-30 3-31 3-31 Detectors System 3-32 3-33 3-33 Camera. Spiral in Binary. epoxy any corrections optical system. actuator re-orient. Larry shover options trading Get a complete picture of your RFQs to drive turnaround speed with just the click of a button.