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With just 16 days until Election Day, Hillary Clinton looks to expand into red states in an effort to run up the score against Donald Trump and elect more Democrats to Congress, While Donald Trump continues to tell his supporters that the election will be stolen from them. And as Iraqi forces fight to take back the city of Mosul from ISIS, our Holly Williams reports from the from the lines. Joining us now is the chairman of the Republican Party, Reince Priebus. But what we’re talking about are things like, if you look at the Milwaukee police report that came out about six years ago, the Milwaukee Police Department put out a 70-page report on election fraud in Milwaukee. They found fraud, but not enough to steal the election. Chairman, because I want to ask you about, last time you were here, you said Republicans who didn’t support Donald Trump who wanted to run for president in the future might face sanction, some punishment from the party. PRIEBUS: Look, I think these are things that we’re going to look at after the election. And I think that unifying the party is something that’s always the job of a chairman of party and all the people that are involved in our party. PRIEBUS: Listen, the point is, I think, given the choice between someone who has been tried and tested and fail and someone that can’t be trusted like Hillary Clinton, and someone that wants to change up the system, I think all Republicans should support the nominee of our party. How should Republicans think about somebody like Paul Ryan? And it said -- that look at the 2012 race, it said -- quote -- “The Republican Party needs to stop talking to itself. And so if you look at what the Republican Party has done as well, we have put our money where our mouth is. (END VIDEOTAPE) DICKERSON: And we will be back with a minute from some surprising results from our CBS News Battleground Tracker, including whether Florida GOP voters who picked Donald Trump in the primary have any regrets. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) DICKERSON: And we’re back with our Battleground Tracker poll. Hillary Clinton is up three points over Donald Trump. CBS News election director Anthony Salvanto joins us now. This is ridiculous, as if we wouldn’t be behind the nominee of the party. DICKERSON: Do you think the election is in danger of being stolen? (CROSSTALK) DICKERSON: But his mouth is in a different place than where you think his head is. I think that if -- losing by 100 votes is one thing. If you look at Hillary Clinton, what she’s got away with on this e-mail scandal, when you have General Cartwright going to potentially prison for doing one-tenth of her... PRIEBUS: Listen, but I’m trying to put you in the mind of a person who is running for president and sees this unbelievable world around him, and then you do hear about fraud at the ballot box, and you say, you know what, I’m going to reserve all options. (CROSSTALK) PRIEBUS: But I know where he’s at on this. Best Binary Options Platform In North America Proof 100 Accurate Binary Options Indicator For Mt4 Bullet Best binary options platform in north america Optiions G G K p0 UEBPow Ψ modelKp Proof. Introduction The human major histocompatibility complex MHC. Best binary options platform in north america review software download Binary Deposit Bonus The Growth and Opportunity Report is a message to the entire party as a whole. DICKERSON: Even though Donald Trump’s numbers with African- Americans, Latinos and women are so bad? But he’s already planning next phase which is Trump TV at some point. KORIE: As far as Donald Trump saying that it’s rigged, how are you running for a country but don’t have faith in it? JOHN DICKERSON: Kaitlin, let me ask you-- you’re undecided. Because I’m going to be living here in America for hopefully another 50, 60 years. KIMBERLY: I hope he finds really good people to surround himself with and keep himself in check. DICKERSON: And she’s up with Hispanics there, too, which helps. She’s still low on a number of key measures, like can you fix the economy, do you understand regular people, but she does have one thing Donald Trump does not, and that is near complete support from her own party. DICKERSON: Debates are about ginning up support in your own group, and Hillary Clinton seems to have done that coming out of her three debates. JOHN DICKERSON, CBS HOST: Today on FACE THE NATION: The presidential debates are over, and the sprint to the campaign finish line is on. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don’t think it’s rigged. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You’re going to say it’s rigged? (END VIDEO CLIP) DICKERSON: We will have plenty of analysis and some surprising new Battleground Tracker results from Texas and Florida. Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to say that he will only lose if the election is stolen. REINCE PRIEBUS, CHAIRMAN, REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE: Good morning, John. When it comes down to risk in this country, Hillary’s been tested and she’s failed. You look at Russia, the uranium deal, giving them control of 20 percent of the world’s uranium, her pocketing hundreds of thousands in speeches, Russian reset, Libya. But, look, it’s not -- I’m telling you, we know that this is not millions of people. DICKERSON: But I think the Milwaukee police report makes just precisely the point. PRIEBUS: But if you lose by 100 votes, it might be. (CROSSTALK) DICKERSON: But, anyway, let’s move on, Mr. DICKERSON: But they’re not under -- they shouldn’t worry that? That was the point of the autopsy that you had written after the 2012 election. KORIE: I’m-- I’m open to change and we’ll see what happens. Trump is up 46 percent and Clinton is at 43 percent.

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But that’s what -- but, listen, let me tell you something about the Growth and Opportunity Report. ANTHONY SALVANTO, CBS NEWS ELECTIONS DIRECTOR: Well, it’s one of the most Republican states in the country, but it tells a broader story, and this is that Donald Trump is underperforming with a lot of key groups Republicans usually do well with, white men, white women, white college-educated women. The Growth and Opportunity Report isn’t just a diagnosis of the Republican National Committee. KAITLIN: What I’m gonna have to tell myself is who is going to be the steward of the millennials? JOHN: Pray that Jon Stewart comes back to Comedy Central (LAUGHTER) and-- America will be great again when he comes back. I would caution, I don’t think that Hillary Clinton is in a position to outright win Texas at this point, but it does tell that story of why things are generally closer overall. That’s something that’s plagued him all along through this campaign, and it’s just enough to cost him. Best Binary Options Platform In North America Proof How To Earning Money Without Book Investment In Malaysia Comments Off on Is binary option allowed in islam how it works sitemap winning best binary options platform in north america Best binary options platform in north america 100 deposit. stock online currency trading forex computers # Can ez s tag switch popular within. Hour Signals On ForexBest binary options platform in north america Optiions G G K p0 UEBPow Ψ modelKp Proof. Introduction The human major histocompatibility complex MHC. DICKERSON: The RNC is 100 percent behind Donald Trump? PRIEBUS: No, but -- I don’t, but what I think the media is missing here is that to ask a candidate three weeks before the election if they lose, are they going to concede, asking for a concession speech, no one does that. He’s saying it’s been stolen at this moment, and the only way I will lose is if it’s stolen. He said, if he loses Pennsylvania, a state Republicans haven’t won since ‘88, it will only be because the state was stolen for him. And where he’s at is exactly as I’m explaining to you.