EMF, EEG Brainwaves and the QLink Pendant

Dr William Tiller, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University and Dr. Norman Shealy, Holos Institute of Health, Founder American Holistic Medical Association and Board Certified Neurosurgeon, conducted a joint scientific study to explore the effects of EMF on human brain waves (EEGs). It is clear that people have different tolerance levels to EMF. With this in mind,

WATCH: Get Fit with Celebrity Trainer Mark Jenkins

Karen Taylor Bass works it out for Brand New You For this episode of Brand New You, host Karen Taylor Bass—PR expert and CEO of thebrandnewmommy.com—braved the heat in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park to get a star quality workout with celebrity trainer Mark Jenkins. Jenkins—whose roster of clients include Mary J. Blige, D’Angelo, Beyonce, LL Cool

Bang for The Buck! The Jump Rope

What’s under 20 bucks, fits in your gym bag, and can burn 1000 calories in an hour? You guessed it, the good old jump rope. Who would have thought that something that has been around that long would still be so effective today. The benefits are many but the main ones are: 1) Cardiovascular Conditioning-

Can’t Live with Them. Can’t Live Without Them

Carbohydrates. These are probably the most misunderstood of all the nutrients, due in great part to the latest diets, like Atkins, that advocate low- or no-carb eating plans. But you absolutely need carbohydrates in order to perform your best both physically and mentally throughout the day. The type of carbs you eat, and when you


It’s not realistic to think that once you become health conscious, you’re never going to cheat. Even I fall off the wagon once in a while. I’m a former fat kid, so when I cheat, it’s gets ugly. When it comes to staying on your diet, everybody has good and bad days. The key is

Five Tips to Prevent Childhood Obesity!

President Obama made the changes official in an executive order on Tuesday. The First Lady, Michelle Obama, introduced the new leaders and members of the council at an event today at the Bell Multicultural High School in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of northwest Washington. “The Council will play an important role in our effort to

Jump Rope!

Jumping rope can burn up to 1000 calories per hour, making it one of the most efficient workouts possible. It tones muscles in the entire body, developing long, lean muscles in all major muscle groups, both upper and lower. Jumping rope optimizes cardiovascular conditioning and maximizes athletic skills combining agility, coordination, timing, endurance. It obliterates

Resistance Training

A lot of people don’t want to weight train for a variety of reasons. Some avoid it because they think cardio is the be-all and end-all for weight loss. I just shot that myth down. A lot of my female clients are initially scared that weights will make them big and bulky. But these are

The Business of Obesity

Britons eat almost two billion fast food meals a year yet none of the major chains give nutritional details on menus. The National Consumer Council said fatty and sugary foods now make up more than half (54%) of in-store supermarket promotions, nearly double the number recorded in the last survey in 2006. ? The signals

The King of Exercises!

Question? What exercise works your major muscle groups as well as your cardiovascular system? What exercise burns major calories? What exercise increases your heart and lung capacity? What exercise creates an overall anabolic environment in the body that maximizes gains from other exercises? What exercise boosts your bodies natural production of growth hormone and testosterone?